About Us

Our story

Sui generis~unique

A distinguished collection where unique design meets the essence of sophistication. Each piece speaks the language of luxury, with a bold allure that captivates and conveys success.

Established 3.23.23

3.23.23 (Angel Number)~ Represents creativity, self-expression, expansion, harmony, balance and guidance.

Flanado~ strolling aimlessly, idly, without worries. 

Ramón~ wise protector

Colors of Flanado, Ramón:

Black~ Beauty & Unity: We are one.

Gold~ Triumph: Small achievements equal huge accomplishments.

Sky Blue~Skies the limit: If you don’t try, you’ll never know how high you can fly.

Mission Statement

Flanado, Ramón’s mission is customer satisfaction. To create unique (sui generis), sophisticated products that meet expectation through elegance & grace.

Our products

Angel Number Bag

Our Angel Number Collection is a charming line of mini-totes, inspired by the mystical significance of angel numbers.